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That’s right! I somehow managed to get 100 of you following little ol’ Keiko, which means I must be doing something right. To celebrate, I’m doing an art giveaway to my followers. 

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First Place (1 winner)

Winner will get one digital painting of up to TWO characters of their choice. Can be NSFW. 

You also will get 10 custom-drawn 100x100 icons of your choice of character and facial expression.

Second (1) and Third (1) Place

Winner will receive one digital drawing, full color, of ONE character of their choice. Can be NSFW.

You also will get 5 custom-drawn 100x100 icons of your choice of character and expression.

Giveaway ends August 31st!

Good luck!

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Jiji and the baker. I’ve seen it, it’s scary :c


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Tumblr Gets Deep (x)

(Here ya go! Some stuff to fuck with your brains!)

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Jul 9

How do you feel about Jiji's crush on Luna?





—“Wha? He does? I only knew of this one cat that had a pretty big crush on Luna.”

Well, Luna is a pretty cat and they have things in common like…talking and being a cat for one!

—“That’s so adorable….! Luna can be a bit prickly though.”

Now she gotta ask Jiji all the questions about this.


"Wha…what?! N-no I don’t!" Jiji kneaded his paws on the ground, clearly embarrassed. "I-I mean she’s really, really pretty and has a soothing voice and I could look into her eyes forever and…. Wait no! Nope." He lowers his head down and placed his paws over his ears.

Oh, too cute!

She can tell when someone is crushing really hard. Not that we’re an experienced expert in that department.  This warrants a bit of teasing to the black cat.

—“Ehh, Jiji thinks Luna is a pretty kitty~ ♫♪ Hee, did you get to talk to her? You weren’t too shy to talk to her were you?”


"Who wouldn’t think she’s a ‘pretty kitty?’” He mewed. “Yeah, I took her to get lunch by the fish market,” he answered with no small amount of pride in his voice.

Jul 9


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She was beautiful, slick fur and bright eyes and a strange marking on her forehead that only added to her features. He cleared his throat when she spoke to him and gave his chest a few embarrassed licks to calm down his flush. “H-hi! Hi, my name…

The notion of a meal was inviting and not to mention Jiji was good company. He was so sweet and kind that the feline couldn’t resist.
"I would like that very much if you don’t mind." She smiled brightly.

"I don’t mind at all," he purred. He turned to lead the way across a fence, agile paws keeping him well balanced. "So Luna, does your person live around here?" he asked over his shoulder before hopping up a trash can and onto the roof of a near by building. It was easier to travel this way he found, dogs couldn’t reach him and people didn’t try to at this height.

Jul 9

"Hey, Makoto?" He mewed from the window sill. "Can I sleep with you tonight?"


I don’t know what to do anymore…

Today had been a particular bad one and felt like it only worsened throughout the evening. A heavy sigh came from her lips as she sat on the edge of the bed deep in thought. She’s rarely ever questioned any relationship she was ever in or the other. Yet she couldn’t help but wonder if it was something that she did for them to end so badly.

Head turned hearing the familiar mew. A smile was put on for her little furry friend. She didn’t get to talk to him too much since he was usually off doin ghis own thing. Hunting and doing whatever else cats did.

—“Ah, of course you can, Jiji. I could use the company tonight. More than enough room on the bed.”

A hand patted a empty spot next to her to signal him over.

"Oh?" His head tilted slightly before he hopped off the sill and happily trotted over to join her on the bed. "Is something wrong? Or just lonely?"

Jiji circled the area beside her several times before laying down and curling up comfortably.